Electronic Arts

I’m a huge gamer, and throughout my life, I’ve played many of EA’s games. The global interactive entertainment leader has published over 200 plus video games and has over 300 million players worldwide.

Through my experience as a user, I recognized two challenges that EA faces; gamers feel like they are not being listened to and that the quality of games is suffering because of rushed game development. This rebrand solves these issues by revitalizing and unifying the EA brand and repairs the trust between EA and its customers. 

Identity System
Brand Strategy

Special Thanks
Rudy Manning Instructor

The System

Unifying EA and its sub-branches was a key focus of mine. By abstracting the logotype, I designed three distinct brand textures, giving each branch their own identity yet still reinforcing the visual system as a whole. The bold patterns make EA a recognizable brand even without the logo. 

EA Bridge

How do you rebuild trust?  I created EA Bridge to help build trust between players and the brand. EA Bridge is an outreach platform that allows players to be involved in the game development process. I focused on reintroducing EA with a new brand voice that is player focused and more transparent.


As a gamer, I would love to be a part of the game development process. Through EA Bridge, gamers can watch developers work on the latest games via Twitch, vote on game updates, talk to an EA Bridge team member, give input on games, and learn more about the game development process.