2020 Census:
Dear Resident Campaign

How can the upcoming 2020 Census effectively reach populations that are typically undercounted in Los Angeles county? To help solve this issue, I chose to create an ad campaign targeting two hard-to-count populations: millennials and undocumented residents. Millennials are hard to count because they move often and have no interest in the Census, while undocumented residents have high distrust and fear of anything government-related.

The most challenging part of this project was learning to speak to these very different groups of people and in a meaningful way.

Ad Campaign
Social Impact
Copy Writing

Special Thanks
Allison Goodman

Project Displayed in
Los Angeles City Hall
March 2020

Featured In
2020 Census: Information Graphics to Overcome Participation Barriers

The Strategy

In this campaign, the Census is directly “talking” to residents in an open letter format. I went with this approach to humanize the Census and make it feel friendly to the audience. When put into action, these ads would bombard the city of Los Angeles. This campaign utilizes language, color, and public space to engage and reach hard-to-count populations.


The language used to target millennials is humorous and sarcastic. If you can make them laugh you can make them care.

Undocumented Residents

For undocumented residents, I focused on language that is reassuring and comforting. It was important to me to make this campaign bilingual and in print to reach the masses.

Los Angeles City Hall

This project was on display at Los Angeles City Hall in March 2020. It was such an honor to be recognized by the city I grew up in and that I love so dearly.